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3 Tips to Prevent ACL Injury

ACL (or Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injuries are quite common among athletes. A sudden twist or movement usually causes tears in the knee ligament, which often demands surgical treatment and a long recovery period.

If you’re an athlete, or even partake in fitness activities only lightly, it’s important that you know how to prevent ACL injury. Of course, the preventive measures on your end aren’t fool-proof. But they do eliminate the chances of possible knee ligament injuries by a significant margin.

Here are 3 tips how you can prevent ACL tears:

1.Stretch your whole body

The seamless benefits of stretching could not be over-stated. It improves your muscles flexibility, helping you maintain a good form that fluidly sustains any sudden change in motion of the joints. Moreover, stretching gets your blood flowing through the body; it improves blood circulation. This is essential to avoid any joint-related injury. (There’s a reason, after all, why warming up before starting any physically-intensive activity is so highly recommended by the experts!)

2.Spend time in strength training

Yes, cardio may be a popular choice of the day. But no one should ignore strength training. Your body needs enough strength to support muscle and sustain all the strains. So, opt for a workout regimen that improves your strength. You want to focus more on hip and thigh, which would provide the needed support to your knees.

There are many exercises that you can take up, with or without weight, to improve your strength – from squats and walking lunges to jumping jacks and dumbbell rows. The stronger your joints and muscles get, the less likely you’ll get ligament injuries.

3.Improve your balance

The majority of the sports injuries are sustained when the athletes, at the time of changing motions, lose their balance. When they change their direction quickly, when they stop suddenly, when they land incorrectly from a jump, when pivoting their foot – during such movements, it’s easy to lose balance, twist muscles and injure self.

If you can improve your balance, you can significantly reduce the chances of getting ligament injuries during such movements and tackles. Now, there are many exercises that can improve your balance, like leg swings, one-legged clock with arms, one-legged squat, single-leg dead lift and more. Add them to your fitness regimen.


These are three tips how you can prevent ACL injury. But as mentioned, even with your best preventive measures, there’s still always the chance of getting injured.

If you do sustain ACL tear, you must immediately visit orthopedic specialist in Lake Town, Kolkata. Delaying the visit and in seeking medical help can worsen the problem. Consult a good doctor, understand the kind of treatment you would need; is there a need for ligament injury or can alternative, non-invasive treatment be as effective. The treatment and the recovery is a long journey. The sooner and better you start, the easier and quicker will it all get over. And you will be back on the field in no time.

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