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3 Signs You May Have Knee Problems When Old

Physically, you feel invincible right now. But the reality is this phase will pass away and you will start noticing small orthopedic problems every once in a while. How severe these “problems” are will largely depend on the overall health condition at the time, as well as how well you took care of your bones and joints when you were younger.

In that context, here are three signs you may have knee problems when you’re old and what you can do to avoid it:

1. Vitamin D deficiency

This is one of the biggest reasons for the weak bones and joints of millions of people.

Our bone needs calcium to stay strong, which subsequently requires vitamin D for absorption. Millions of people in India are vitamin D deficient. Are you one of them?

Deficiency in this nutrient will result in weaker bones, possibly paving the way for knee problems as you age.

As a first step, do the 25-hydroxy vitamin D blood test to find if there’s deficiency in your body. Per the test result, supplement yourself accordingly.

Similarly, also attend to other key nutrients that our body requires for nourishment, from protein to vitamin B. Fix your diet. Consult the best bone doctor in Kolkata and get their recommendations on what your diet should be like for good orthopedic health.

2. Lack of physical activity

This has become one of the worst health risks for all of us.

When your body doesn’t get the necessary physical activity everyday, it results in several health problems, including poor orthopedic health.

Your knees get poorly conditioned, which increases the chances of fractures.

So, if you’re living a sedentary lifestyle at present, it’s bad news for your orthopedic health as you grow old.

Start exercising. It doesn’t have to be an hour long intensive workout. Basic exercises like stretching, running and occasional lifting every day will ensure you’re in good health in your 50s, 60s, and beyond.

3. Unattended or shrugged injuries

Many people do this. They feel some pain in their knees and they shrug it off, undermining its seriousness, hoping it would automatically go away.

There are also people who sustain knee injuries and they either completely avoid it (again, hoping it would get better miraculously) or they reluctantly rely on home remedies.

Such a careless attitude towards knees only makes things worse. Recurring injuries, improperly healed injuries, or injuries that you shrug off, will weaken your knees and inevitably invite problems in the future as you get old.

Make sure you take good care of your knees. If there’s any pain or injury, no matter how small, always get checked by the best doctor for knee pain in Kolkata.

Final Words

These are some of the signs that you may experience knee problems as you get older.

In the same way, your overall orthopedic health may get affected as well if you don’t attend to its needs and requirements as you gain more years.

Take proper care of your health.

Remember, what you do today can be the big difference-maker for your orthopedic health tomorrow.