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Does Drinking Less Water Affects Your Bone And Joints?

You know that 60 percent of the adult human body makes of water. But did you also know that healthy bones contain around 31 percent water? So, while people keep self hydrated to improve kidney function and boost psychological state, in the process, they are also enhancing their orthopedic health.

Why It’s Important?

Drinking sufficient water plays a significant role in the well being of your bones and joints. In fact, lack of proper hydration can lead to several of the orthopedic problems, like osteoporosis and musculoskeletal conditions, which worsens as the person gets older.

  • For the starters, water helps keep the joints lubricated. It avoids our cartilages grinding against each other, which keeps wear and tear at bay. Moreover, lubrication also provides a cushion, absorbing the shock of sudden movements. This prevents injuries.
  • Well-known, our bones need calcium and other key nutrients to stay in a healthier condition. Now, of course, having a diet rich in such nutrients is important. However, what if these nutrients fail to reach the bones? Of course, the bones will get nutritionally deficient, losing mass and strength. Water is essential to carry calcium and other nutrients throughout the body and make up for the lost minerals, which happens naturally. (Note: If you believe you’re nutritionally-deficient and are experiencing a problem for that,get in touch with the best orthopedic surgeon in Bangur today.
  • Toxins in our body, if not removed, built up in the bones. This manifests in several problems, including inflammation, weakening, and loss in bone density. Water is needed here to wash away these toxins.
  • Our bones also have several of other tasks aside from providing us a skeletal structure. For example, the marrow in bones produces red blood cells, which adds strength and mass to the bones. Water plays an important role here.


These are some ways how water plays a critical role in our orthopedic health. Of course, drinking enough water isn’t an absolute measure and doesn’t guarantee to get rid of bone and joint-related problems. It isn’t a miraculous practice that assures to have everything right. However, it is one of those little steps that can take you a long way, possibly ensuring you less orthopedic problems as you get older.

Drink More Water

So, if you aren’t already in the habit of drinking enough water, you might want to do that starting today. It can keep your bones and joints in a healthier condition. This is even more important as we approach summer when people get dehydrated easily.

How much water should you drink? It really depends on various factors, including your lifestyle, physical activity, weather, and your weight. As a general rule, aim to drink 2 liters of water every day! At the same time, lookout for the signs of dehydration; like yellow pee, dizzy feeling, lack of energy, irritability, dry skin, and sunken eyes.

In case if you’re experiencing any bone and joint-related problems, get in touch with a good orthopedic surgeon in Kolkata and get treated.

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