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Do You Need Back Surgery? Find Out

Yes, with the best chronic back pain surgeon in Lake Town, Kolkata, by your side, you can expect nothing but successful surgery. Moreover, with how advanced and easy such (minimally) invasive treatments have become today, they are quite common now.

But then that said, it doesn’t mean you should blindly opt for surgical therapy. If you’re experiencing back pain or lower body weakness, your doctor would likely try all the various non-invasive treatments first before steering to surgery.

Pain medication to tame down the back pain, as well as medicines to strengthen your back portion, are the first option in the process a doctor would go for. Alongside this, you would also be recommended to make certain lifestyle changes.

For example, in recent times, sedentary lifestyle has emerged to be one of the biggest reasons behind back pain. If you’re leading a highly inactive life with very few physical activities involved in your days, you would be advised to get more active. Working out can make the biggest difference in healing your back pain. Exception of loosening your muscles and supplementing easy blood flow, it would also make your bones and joints stronger. Over the course, if you’re doing the right exercises, this healthy habit can do you away from your back problems.

If the pain persists, you might even be asked to go to a physiotherapist. Physical therapy from the right professional is now a very effective way to treat acute and chronic pain, soft tissue injuries and other physical ailments.

With such basic measures falling ineffective and after weighing in all the pros-cons, only then would your doctor advise you for chronic back pain surgery. Remember, though, to work along with the best orthopedic in Kolkata and not just “any” doctor you come across on Google.

Now, depending on your existing condition and requirement, your doctor will decide the kind of back surgery you should go for, which includes: Laminectomy, Spinal Fusion, Diskectomy, Foraminotomy, Disk Replacement, and Interlaminar implant.

Each of these procedures, much like any invasive treatment, includes some kind of risks. But if you have an experienced chronic back pain surgeon with you, you shouldn’t expect any snag. As mentioned already, such treatments have become quite common. With the advanced tools and technology available, they are less risky than ever. And then, of course, once the surgery is successful, they are lasting and you shouldn’t expect any complications.