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What Are The Limitations After Knee Ligament Surgery?

Most of knee ligament injuries heal without any invasive treatment. However, in certain grade 3 sprains where there’s a complete tear of the ligament, you may require surgery. If your doctor has advised you to opt for ligament surgery, you likely have sustained grade 3 sprain. The symptoms would usually include extreme pain, inability to move, and looseness in the joint.

Of course, before any surgery, the patients have numerous questions. In this, a common and recurring question is what limitations they would have after knee ligament surgery.

Owing to the advancements in the tech and medical field, following a ligament surgery, you would be able to live a normal life. You can run and play physically-intensive sports. But this demands proper recovery. After the surgery, for a few months, you would have to take proper measures so to ensure that your wound heals faster and your knee gets stronger. The recovery period usually varies from one individual to another. Some respond faster and better to medications and physiotherapy, while others take some time. However, within a couple of months, you would be able to walk normally. And in 8-10 months, you would have a complete recovery. After a year, you may have virtually no limitations. But again, this number isn’t a guarantee; you may recover faster or it may take some time.

In the first few weeks, you’ll have to be extra cautious and follow every word your doctor or medical team has advised. As you progressively get better, those early limitations would eventually fade and you would be back on track to a normal life. In general, you would be advised to put off any body-weight on the healing knee. Avoid putting any strain on it. You would be asked to be a part of physiotherapy sessions, which can be twice a day in the early weeks.

Remember, exercising – and a good diet that complements the exercise – will play he biggest factor in your recovery and “getting back to normal”. The intensity of your exercise, under the guidance of the physiotherapist, will progressively increase based on how your knee is recovering. In the initial stage, you might have to walk with a walking stick. Also, it’s a good idea to have a person by your side to assist you with your daily needs for a few weeks following the surgery.

These are a few things your orthopedic surgeon and medical team will tell you all about. They would outline several dos and don’ts that you must follow religiously to ensure a smooth and fast recovery.

To sum up the answer to the question – “what are the limitations after knee ligament surgery” – unlike as was the case a few years back, knee ligament surgery is safe, very effective, and after your recovery period you will have no limitations whatsoever. If you have any questions, just like you would ask the best hip surgeon in India before your hip replacement surgery, ask just as many questions to your doctor even about your knee ligament surgery. Find the best ligament doctor in Kolkata and consult them.

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What Are The Limitations After Knee Ligament Surgery?



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