How To Recover From A Torn Ligament?

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Ligament injuries are common. Many people sprain their ankles and knees while playing sports or doing normal day-to-day activities. In the following week, with help from the best ligament doctor in Kolkata, they recover easily without much of an issue. However, at times, ligament injury could be serious, requiring more attention and time in recovery.

Nature of Injury

Broadly put, there are three grades of ligament injury, which define the extent of the tear of the ligament. Grade 1 is a mild sprain with insignificant tearing. Grade 2 is a partial tear of the ligament. Grade 3 is a complete tear of the ligament, severe in nature, accompanied by instability in the joint where you cannot even use the joint.

Now Grade 1 ligament injury recovers fast. Basic measures like applying RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) will help your case. With Grade 2 tear, you will experience pain and discomfort. The doctor would prescribe you pain medication. In addition, you may even require bracing. In contrast, with Grade 3 ligament injury, in most cases, surgery is required. Following the invasive intervention, the recovery period will be the longest and would require more care.

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Ensuring Proper Recovery

Irrespective of the severity of your ligament injury, an important thing to do is work along with the best ligament doctor in Kolkata – or which ever city you live in. As soon as you get injured, approach the best orthopedic doctor and get diagnosed. They would do a physical examination, as well as order an x-ray. In some cases, they may order MRI as well.

Following the diagnosis, based on their interpretation, they would outline a course of treatment for you. To ensure proper recovery, it’s essential to follow this treatment plan religiously. In case if you experience any problem, report back to your doctor.

Also, as asked, follow up on the appointments. The doctor would check how well your injury is responding to treatment and how you’re recovering. If they notice any gaps or inefficacy, they can change or adjust the course of treatment.

Remember, there’s no defined way to recover from a torn ligament. The nature of your injury could be unique. Plus, different people respond differently to treatments. So, the key is to find the best orthopedic doctor, get treated by them, and follow their advice. The recovery from the injury can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to even up to a year. Based on the severity of your ligament tear, the doctor could tell better how long your recovery period will be and how you can quicken that process.

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How To Recover From A Torn Ligament?


What Are The Limitations After Knee Ligament Surgery?

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Most of knee ligament injuries heal without any invasive treatment. However, in certain grade 3 sprains where there’s a complete tear of the ligament, you may require surgery. If your doctor has advised you to opt for ligament surgery, you likely have sustained grade 3 sprain. The symptoms would usually include extreme pain, inability to move, and looseness in the joint.

Of course, before any surgery, the patients have numerous questions. In this, a common and recurring question is what limitations they would have after knee ligament surgery.

Owing to the advancements in the tech and medical field, following a ligament surgery, you would be able to live a normal life. You can run and play physically-intensive sports. But this demands proper recovery. After the surgery, for a few months, you would have to take proper measures so to ensure that your wound heals faster and your knee gets stronger. The recovery period usually varies from one individual to another. Some respond faster and better to medications and physiotherapy, while others take some time. However, within a couple of months, you would be able to walk normally. And in 8-10 months, you would have a complete recovery. After a year, you may have virtually no limitations. But again, this number isn’t a guarantee; you may recover faster or it may take some time.

In the first few weeks, you’ll have to be extra cautious and follow every word your doctor or medical team has advised. As you progressively get better, those early limitations would eventually fade and you would be back on track to a normal life. In general, you would be advised to put off any body-weight on the healing knee. Avoid putting any strain on it. You would be asked to be a part of physiotherapy sessions, which can be twice a day in the early weeks.

Remember, exercising – and a good diet that complements the exercise – will play he biggest factor in your recovery and “getting back to normal”. The intensity of your exercise, under the guidance of the physiotherapist, will progressively increase based on how your knee is recovering. In the initial stage, you might have to walk with a walking stick. Also, it’s a good idea to have a person by your side to assist you with your daily needs for a few weeks following the surgery.

These are a few things your orthopedic surgeon and medical team will tell you all about. They would outline several dos and don’ts that you must follow religiously to ensure a smooth and fast recovery.

To sum up the answer to the question – “what are the limitations after knee ligament surgery” – unlike as was the case a few years back, knee ligament surgery is safe, very effective, and after your recovery period you will have no limitations whatsoever. If you have any questions, just like you would ask the best hip surgeon in India before your hip replacement surgery, ask just as many questions to your doctor even about your knee ligament surgery. Find the best ligament doctor in Kolkata and consult them.

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What Are The Limitations After Knee Ligament Surgery?


Which Doctor I Should Prefer for Ligament Injury?

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Despite all your efforts, on a bad day, you can end up with a sprain. Maybe while walking you tripped on a stone and fell. Maybe when climbing the stairs, you took a misstep and twisted your ankle. You cannot always avoid it at times! And if it’s really a worse day, it could be beyond a grade 1 sprain, requiring intensive treatment and a longer period in recovery.

In any case, whether it’s mild pain or the injury is serious (grade 2 sprain where there’s partial tear of the ligament or grade 3 sprain where the ligament is torn completely), you should seek professional help. Instead of trying home remedies and hoping the pain would just disappear after a couple of days, you should visit the best ligament doctor in Kolkata. They can make the right diagnosis and ensure you’re on proper treatment course that enables faster and efficient recovery.

But that said, unless you’re acquainted with an orthopedic doctor or there’s already someone whom you trust, finding a specialist can be a task in itself. While there are many bone and joint doctors, picking someone good and who you can rely on is a challenge. There are many factors that go in that decision-making.

The first step in the process to find Kolkata best orthopedic doctor – or specialist in any city for that matter – is to not over-prioritize cost. You shouldn’t over-attend to how much the doctor is charging. The key focus should always be on the experience. How experienced the doctor is? The more the experience they have in dealing with orthopedic cases, the better it is. It underlines that they know what they are doing, they have treated many other patients and they can be trusted.

Another factor to consider is whether they specialize in treating ligament injuries. Different orthopedic doctors can specialize in different bone and joint-related problems. Although they can handle every kind of case, you should ideally approach someone who specializes in treating sprains.

When working on fixing orthopedic problems, there’s only so much a doctor can help you. A lot depends on you as well as to how quickly you recover. This is why it’s considered a teamwork between the patient and doctor. Now this teamwork can’t really work if the doctor and patient don’t connect well. If you’re not comfortable with them, if you can’t effectively communicate with them, if you don’t get along with them – these are not the good signs. If you indeed notice these signs after your first couple of visits to the orthopedic doctor, you should definitely look for someone else. You want someone who you’re comfortable with and who understands your needs and preferences well.

And the, of course, the location plays just as big of a role. While you shouldn’t over-prioritize it, you should still look for a doctor whose clinic isn’t too far away; it should be in your city. However, even if it’s far, at least ensure there are adequate transportation avenues.

Finding a good orthopedic doctor in your city can take a few days; you’re required to do some basic research. This is why knowing one such reliable name beforehand is a good idea. After all, you can’t ‘wait’ to do your research when you’ve sprained your ankle (or knee, lower back, wrist, or elbow). In that case, you would usually have to go with the recommendation of friends and relatives. So, even if you don’t need to see an orthopedic doctor immediately, know someone whom you would visit in case if you ever need it.

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Which Doctor I Should Prefer for Ligament Injury?


Love Playing Sports? Here’s How To Avoid Ligament Injuries

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Athletes are more prone to injuries. But they don’t have to be. There’s a reason why the majority of the professional sports persons, despite being aggressive in training and during play, do not get injured regularly. Of course, many of these athletes do get the world-class facility, physiotherapists, and healthcare experts who ensure they are fit. Not everyone can afford such an infrastructure. But in addition, they also do a lot of things that keep them protected against injuries. If you’re into sports, you can follow their suit to avoid injuries, especially ligament sprain, which is more common.

Understand Your Body’s Needs And Requirements

Interestingly, it doesn’t exactly involve anything out of the box. The basic care and preventive measures can take you a long way in keeping safe from injuries. For example, it’s a common knowledge that you’re more at risk if you’re unnecessarily pushing yourself beyond the threshold. So, being easy on yourself and your body is the most fundamental rule. Don’t over-exert. When it comes to achieving skills and athleticism, a progressive approach is more effective instead of abruptly exposing your body to higher rigor. At the same time, you must allow your body to rest and recover, which is another common way to avoid injuries. If you’re not getting enough rest, the chances of getting injuries increase; because your body is tired and hasn’t healed from the last outing. In such cases, even the recovery takes much longer.

Practice And Play The Right Way

Every sport demands the right amount and kind of skills. If you’re trying to do a tackle or move without first acquiring the needed skill, you will get injured; this is a common problem with the beginners. So, it’s important that you practice and play the right way. Follow the right techniques; like how you move, how you run, how you breathe – these all play a key role in keeping you safe from injuries. It would take time to perfecticize the right techniques and acquire the needed skills to play better and safely. It requires you to have a learner’s mindset wherein you realize and appreciate the technical aspects of becoming a better athlete.

Some Other Measures To Prevent Injuries

Staying hydrated is a big part of this. Dehydration leads to fatigue, muscle soreness, cramps, and various other problems. It also slows down the self-healing process of your body. So, whether you’re on the field or off, drink water.

What you wear is also an important factor here; especially your shoes. If you’re not wearing a good quality shoe that offers proper support to your ankle and cushion to your heels, you might get injured easily. Invest in good quality shoes and overall gear.

Your daily meals should pack all the essential nutrients to provide your body the energy and support it requires when playing. Sadly, many people gorge on unhealthy foods, which negatively influences their physical fitness and body’s internal mechanism, leaving them exposed to possible injuries.

If you sustained an injury, even if it’s just mild pain, visiting a ligament specialist doctor in Kolkata should be a top priority. Shrugging off such small injuries just because they don’t look critical is bad for your body in the long-run. In fact, you should regularly visit a good orthopedic doctor in Kolkata for routine checkups to ensure you’re in good orthopedic health.

Care About Your Safety Just As Much

Yes, you want to be a better player in the sport. You want to become a good athlete. But that part of the conversation also includes your safety, which many beginners often forgo. You won’t be the best player if you don’t successfully avoid instances of injuries. As we discussed earlier, staying safe from injuries isn’t necessarily a tedious task. Following the basic measures will keep you safe. That’s a large part of what even the top athletes do to avoid sprains and other injuries; sticking to the basics.

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Love Playing Sports? Here’s How To Avoid Ligament Injuries


How To Prevent Ligament Injury? (A Quick Guide)

ligament injury

Yes, the athletes are more prone to ligament injuries. In between the run, tackle, acceleration, and deceleration – stretching or tearing the fibrous tissues that connect two bones is common. But then that doesn’t mean the non-athletes are safe. In fact, a person who lives a sedentary lifestyle, they are just as much at risk of sustaining such injuries; especially in knees and ankles. When your body isn’t getting the necessary physical activity every day, the bones and joints get weaker. This leaves you exposed to possible ligament tears even on slight movements. So, whether you’re an athlete or not, you should take practice proper orthopedic care so as to avoid ligament injuries. Continue reading “How To Prevent Ligament Injury? (A Quick Guide)”

Can Ligament Injury Heals Itself?

ligament injury

It isn’t just about the athletes. Even those who live a sedentary lifestyle whose ligaments aren’t adequately conditioned, they are prone to ligament injuries.

In general, if a ligament – strong bands of connective tissue that attach bone to bone, providing stabilization and flexibility to the joints – is pivoted beyond a threshold, it may sustain a tear. The extent of this tear decides the severity of the sprain. Continue reading “Can Ligament Injury Heals Itself?”

5 Daily Habits For Healthy Bones (And Happier Life)

bones and joints

There’s no magical pill that casts a one-off spell and fixes everything. The path to healthier bones and happier life is progressive that demands consistent efforts on your end.

This is where habits help.

Having a proper daily habit prevents you from health problems and enables you with healthier bones. And this ends up making the biggest difference in your lifestyle when you’re in your 40s, 50s, 60s and onwards. Continue reading “5 Daily Habits For Healthy Bones (And Happier Life)”