Aging Parents And Their Knee Pain: How The Adult Child Can Help?

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Your parents are getting old. With later years of life also come several orthopedic problems. Knee pain is quite common among the elderly, which is usually a result of arthritis. There are many different types of arthritis, among which osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the most common ones. The causes of arthritis vary among individuals. Normal wear and tear is the most prevalent cause. Genetics, too, play a role in this. Other causes include infections, immune system dysfunction, and more.

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Visit an Orthopedic Doctor for Arthritis Diagnosis

If any of your parents are experiencing knee pain, it might very well be because of arthritis. Although, it’s important to note that arthritis requires a thorough diagnosis and shouldn’t be concluded with self-diagnosis. And this is perhaps the first thing you should do to help your parents with their knee pain. Take them to the best orthopaedic doctor in Kolkata and ensure a proper diagnosis. The doctor will help identify the underlying cause of the condition and outline proper treatment.

Make Regular Health Checkups an Essential Part of Life

In addition, there are several things you can do to help your parents with their orthopedic health. Regular health checkup is important. Don’t wait for any other orthopedic problem to pop up before you visit a doctor; don’t wait for a fracture that you have to search for the best doctor for knee surgery. Get them checked to ensure they are in good health; if they aren’t, take early measures to control their condition.

Improve their Everyday Meals

Attend to your parents’ diet. See if they are getting proper nutrition from their daily meals. As one grows old, their body’s needs and requirements change as well. For instance, in your old days, you lose bone mass quickly. You need more of protein, vitamin D, and calcium to make up for this. Sadly, most of us do not keep up with this change, relying on the same type of diet and eating habits that we had decades back. Make sure your parents are getting nutritious foods that are good for their orthopedic health. There are certain types of food that help strengthen bones and joints, like green leafy vegetables, milk, soya beans, sardines, pilchards, tofu, walnuts, berries, grapes, and garlic. Add more of these items to their breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. Consult a nutritionist.

Encourage them to Workout

Indian parents aren’t too much into exercising. There’s a good chance your parents don’t exercise as well. If that’s the case, make sure they change that habit. Encourage them to work out; encourage them to walk and stretch every day. Explain to them how getting involved in a light workout every day can help with their knee pain. (Of course, if they are very old and/or have any health condition, you want to consult a doctor before they start exercising.)

Adult children can do a lot in helping their aging parents cope with their deteriorating orthopedic health. They were there for you all along. It’s time for you to support them in their health. Work with them to improve their knee pain and intact their overall health.

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Aging Parents And Their Knee Pain: How The Adult Child Can Help?


How To Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain?

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While it may not necessarily need you to find the best knee replacement surgeon (not at least in the majority of the cases), lower back pain can be quite nagging, affecting the quality of your life. The causes of back pain could be plenty, from arthritis and osteoporosis that are common among old people to muscle strain and ruptured disks. If you’re experiencing back pain, the solution depends on the cause.

Causes Define Treatment

For example, if you sit on your work-chair for the most part of your day, the solution is to change your lifestyle. Stop spending so much time sitting. Take breaks often. May be even invest in a standing desk. Another example is if you lift heavy weights, you may strain muscles; meaning, you may over-stretch the fibers that connect muscles to the bones. In this, resting and applying compression helps the most. To simmer the pain, anti-inflammatory medications works great.

Get Diagnosed

So, the first step in getting rid of lower back pain is identifying the cause. Visit a spine specialist doctor in Kolkata and get diagnosed. The doctor will do a physical examination; they will ask some questions. They may even order some tests, like X-ray, CT scan and MRI to identify the underlying reason for the back pain. Following, they would outline the right course of treatment that delivers lasting outcome and healthier orthopedic health.

Quick Steps to Heal Your Back Pain

In general though, if your pain is mild and you’re unwilling to see an orthopedic doctor, there are a few things you can do to improve your situation. For the starters, start getting enough sleep everyday; 8 hours is a must to ensure your muscles are relaxed and get enough time to recover and nourish. Also, make sure the mattress is of good quality. Similarly, the chair you sit on for hours, ensure it is of good quality as well, providing proper support to your back.

Focus on your Overall Orthopedic Health

Taking care of your overall orthopedic health is an important task to handle to resolve your back issues. Adopt a healthier diet for stronger bones and joints. A lot of people are vitamin D deficient that result in weaker bones. So, do get enough of vitamin D from your everyday meals. Spend more time under the sun. Start working out if you don’t already; especially the exercises that focus on building stronger back. This will condition your spine to stay healthy and sustain any exertion easily.

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How To Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain?


Should One Go For Knee Replacement Surgery?

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Owing to the technological advancements in the field, knee surgeries are safer today, yielding a much higher success rate. (This is, at least, if done by the best doctor for knee surgery.) However, it’s still an invasive treatment where your damaged bone and cartilage are cut away, removed, and replaced by a prosthesis that is made of metal alloys, polymers and high-grade plastics. There are still risks. The recovery will take its time. In the recovery phase (in the first month in particular), you will experience some discomfort and limitations in movement. So, it’s natural one wonder whether they should opt for knee surgery in the first place or not.

When Other Treatments Have Failed

Usually, such invasive treatments are the last resort, only recommended by doctors after other non-invasive alternatives have failed. So, if you experience knee pain, resulting from any accidents, osteoporosis, or any other condition that has damaged your cartilage, the best bone doctor in Kolkata would first try to treat it with medications. Next, they would recommend therapy that will help strengthen your knee and make it stable. In certain cases, doctors may even suggest injecting certain medications or drugs like corticosteroids. In addition, they would recommend making lifestyle changes. Only after these measures have failed to show the desired results, they would advise for surgery. The kind of surgery – whether partial knee replacement or total knee replacement – depends on your condition.

Ask Your Doctor Lots of Questions

Remember, if your doctor has indeed asked you to go for knee surgery, that’s because other treatments didn’t work. They have a definite reason. They have likely weighed in the pros and cons of this step – and they believe the pros outweigh the cons. So, it’s usually in the best interest of the patients to hear their orthopedic doctors and follow their advice. That said, you would have your concerns. In that case, it’s your doctor’s responsibility to address all your questions; it’s their responsibility to ensure that you have a fair idea of how this procedure will go, what you can expect from it, how will the recovery look, and what measures you will have to take on your end to make the surgery a complete success. So, do ask them questions and make sure you have all your answers (and a clear expectation) before going into the surgery room. For more information, please contact the best bone doctor in Kolkata.

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Should One Go For Knee Replacement Surgery?


What is The Best Way to Treat Knee Pain?

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“What is the best way to treat knee pain?” The best way is to, of course, find a good orthopedic doctor and get professionally treated.

There are various reasons why your knee could be hurting. Maybe you tripped, fell and injured yourself; maybe you have any medical condition like rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis; maybe it has to do something with your overall health. The course of treatment depends on the reason why your knee is paining in the first place. Without visiting an orthopedic doctor and without taking the needed screening tests, it’s not possible to effectively treat your knee pain.

But that said –if the pain is only mild, isn’t recurring, and the condition isn’t severe or critical – you can certainly try home remedies.

Basic Steps to Treat Knee Pain

For the starters, to manage pain, you can opt for OTC medication. Let your pharmacist know if you take any other medicine.

Resting is the best option here. Rest your knee; allow it some time to recuperate. As long as the pain and discomfort exist, you should avoid putting physical strain on the knee or you would risk making the condition worse.

Keep your knee in an elevated position.

Apply ice; this would help if there’s any swelling.

Wear comprehensive bandage, which will help with blood circulation.

As your knee starts getting better, do some basic knee exercises to regain and improve its motion and flexibility.

Short-Term Relief vs. Long-term Relief

These basic steps will help ease any mild knee pain, bringing your life back of the track. However, such relief may also only last for the short-term. For example, if you have arthritis, which is a progressive disorder, the pain may return – and its severity may get worse over time.

Similarly, if you’re overweight and/or live a sedentary lifestyle, your bones and joints will likely be weak and poorly conditioned. In such cases, knee pain and other orthopedic problems can be recurring.

So, while home remedies may help you get relief, the solution could be short-lived. As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons why your knee could be hurting – and most of these solutions demand a long-term solution. This is why seeking professional help is not always optional. If anything, delaying in seeing a doctor could further deteriorate your condition. Early intervention with an effective course of treatment can make a big difference in fixing your knee problems and delivering lasting relief.

Make an Informed Decision

In the end, get aware of your orthopedic health – and the knees’ condition in particular – and then make an informed decision. In any case, even with all the home remedies, it’s always recommended to visit the best doctor for knee pain in Kolkata – or in whichever city you live – and get proper treatment from a qualified professional. Don’t take your bone and joint-related problems lightly and reluctantly. If left unchecked, it could unfavorably affect your whole lifestyle.

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How to Build Strong Knees?

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What is The Best Way to Treat Knee Pain?


How to Build Strong Knees?

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Imagine not being able to walk (and enjoy). That’s what many people – especially those in their late years – struggle with. And that’s what you might end up with if you don’t start taking better care of your knees.

Knee problems can be serious, affecting not just your mobility but also your overall lifestyle.

So, it’s important that you heed to your knees’ health right from the early years when you do feel fine. Because pain, lack of flexibility, and lack of strength in your knees won’t happen suddenly. It’s an accumulated result of years of negligence and improper care.

The question then comes: How do you build strong knees?

Here’s the answer in five tips:

1. Start Working Out

If you want to strengthen your muscles and joints, you have to put them at work.

Working out releases several hormones, which go on to build the mass and size of the muscles.It conditions your bones and joints to be more resilient. It makes you less prone to orthopedic injuries.

So, to build stronger knees, you have to work out.

2. Focus on “relevant” Exercises

Now, when you’re building knees’ strength and flexibility, there are a few types of exercises that you should focus more on.

Basic stretches and the post-workout regimen should include toe touch, standing hamstring stretch, and quadricepsstretch. Exercises like calf raise, as well as other forms of leg raises, squats, lunges, hip bridge, and hamstring curls can be great for your knees.

There are countless videos on this topic; pick a reliable source and follow their instructions. Although, you’re highly recommended to consult a professional trainer when it comes to outlining your workout routine.

3. Fix Your Diet

Your bones and joints need a certain type of diet that enables their strength.

If you’re gorging on unhealthy foods, your orthopedic health – along with overall health – will inevitably go bad.

For one, to build stronger knees, your body needs more calcium and vitamin D. So, do get enough sunlight every day. Increase the intake of foods that are rich in calcium.

Protein is equally important. Add more of protein-rich items to your everyday meals.

Start making changes to what you eat and progressively adopt a healthier diet.

4. Wear The Right Gear

This is especially if you’re into sports.

If you play any sport, make sure you have the right gears (like braces) that protect your knees – as well as provide protection against any kind of other injuries.

Getting injured regularly, even when the injuries heal, can be bad for your orthopedic health.

5. Don’t Ignore The Little Nothings

That mild knee pain you occasionally feel – what is that?

That discomfort in your knees you experience when walking uphill – why is that?

Many people are in a habit of brushing off their basic knee pain. Of course, often, such pain is temporary and not critical.

However, at times, it could signal something serious. If you experience such instances when your knees hurt – even if the pain is only mild – don’t ignore that.

Visit a knee specialist in Kolkata and get it checked. Google “top 10 orthopedic surgeon in India”, find an experienced name, and consult them.


The mentioned are five basic tips on how to strengthen your knees.

Even if you’re just in your 20s and 30s, you should start taking better care of your orthopedic health so to ensure when you get old, you’re fit and healthy.

Knee problems can obstruct your lifestyle. You want to take all the measures to avoid these “problems” as you age.

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How to Build Strong Knees?


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How To Treat Your Knee Pain? (5 Tips)

knee pain

Your knee could be hurting for various reasons. Maybe you have sustained an injury? Maybe it’s the pain out of overuse or overexertion? Maybe it’s because of any underlying reason like arthritis? The reasons could be plenty. If you’re looking to resolve the knee pain, knowing why it’s there in the first place is the foremost task. So, a professional diagnosis is important. Ideally, you want to approach the best doctor for knee pain in Kolkata. Continue reading “How To Treat Your Knee Pain? (5 Tips)”