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Frozen Shoulder (FAQ)


I have diabetes, will I develop frozen shoulder?

Not all people having diabetes have frozen shoulder. However there is an increased risk of getting it.

I have shoulder pain. Is it frozen?

All conditions of shoulder pain are not due to frozen shoulder. It may be due to arthritis, infection, trauma etc.

I can't exercise due to pain

Some patients are not able to exercise due to excruciating pain. Applying ice packs during and after exercise will help. If one is still not able to exercise then surgical manipulation under general anaesthesia is advised.

How long will it take to recover?

Frozen shoulder is a chronic condition and it can take 6 months to 24 months to fully recover. Rarely if treatment is started too late there may not be complete recovery.

My shoulder is hot and I have fever.

This may be signs of infection or septic arthritis in the shoulder. You should immediately consult your nearby orthopedic surgeon.

Recurrent frozen shoulder

Some patients suffer from recurrent episodes of frozen shoulder. This is seen especially in patients having uncontrolled diabetes. Treatment is same as primary frozen shoulder.

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