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Osteoporosis - FAQ



>>Do I have Osteoporosis ?

If you are above 50 years old you are likely to be suffering from osteoporosis. Its easy to get tested for osteoporosis and correct it.


>>Is it genetic (runs in families) ?


Osteoporosis is not a genetic disease. However if your parents have a history of osteoporosis or they have suffered from fragility fractures, you are more prone to have it.


>>How to prevent Osteoporosis ?


Healthy diet with regular exercise can prevent osteoporosis to a major extent.

You should also quit smoking if you are a smoker.


>>Is there any treatment ?


Yes ! Of course there is treatment for osteoporosis. You should consult your Orthopedic surgeon for treatment options. You can also visit my clinic for thorough checkup and advice.


>>Is Osteoporosis related to menopause ?


Osteoporosis is more common after menopause due to hormonal changes in the body.


>>Is it same as Osteoarthritis ?


Osteoporosis is often confused with Osteoarthritis.

Osteoporosis is weakness in the bones whereas Osteoarthritis is wearing out of joints.


>>What is Osteopenia ?


Osteopenia is early stage of bone weakness. If untreated it progresses to Osteoporosis.


>>What is Osteomalacia ?


Osteomalacia is bone weakness due to Vitamin D deficiency. In this condition the patient is given high dose of vitamins to correct the deficiency, which cures the bone weakness also.


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