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Myths about Total Knee Replacement (TKR)


Total Knee Replacement is not a successful operation because it was not successful in our ex Prime Minister

Total Knee Replacement is one of the most successful operation in orthopedics with more than 98% success rates. Thousands of knee replacemets are done daily in India with excellent results.

People cannot walk after Total Knee Replacement

After knee replacement patients can not only walk but also climb stairs and sit on the ground too. In most cases the patients can be made to walk immediately after surgery. There is great improvement in performing day to day activities. Knee pain goes away and with help of physiotherapy the strength is restored.

I am too old to get my knee replaced.

Knee replacement is meant for older people. It is rarely done in patients less than 55 years of age. There is no upper limit of age.

I have knee pain, I need TKR

Just because you have knee pain does not mean you need a knee replacement surgery. There can be many reasons for knee pain besides terminal arthritis. The treatment will depend on the correct diagnosis.

TKR is a very complicated operation

The truth is that knee replacement is just like any other operation. It seems complicated but usually it's a straight forward operation. It is only limited by medical conditions of the patient.

There's a huge risk involved in TKR

Knee replacement is like any other operation with it's risks and benefits. The benefits of a TKR strongly outweigh the risks. Most of my patients who have undergone knee replacement have said that if only they had taken this decision earlier, they wouldn't have to suffer for so long.

I need not exercise after a TKR

Exercise and physiotherapy are vital for successful outcome of the surgery.

TKR is extremely costly

Knee replacement used to be extremely costly but now a days the cost this surgery has significantly reduced. This operation is now being done at a price as low as Rs. 59000 which is equivalent to a simple gall bladder operation. The implant itself costs betwen sixty thousand to two lakhs and the patient has a choice selecting as per his/her own budget.

I have to travel to another state to get my knees replaced

Knee replacement is done is all major cities in almost all major hospitals. Just because somebody else is flying to elsewhere for TKR does not mean that better operation done in that hospital.

The biggest disadvantage of doing this operation far away from home is that regular follow-up becomes very difficult. I strongly advise patients to get knee replacement done in their own city or a nearby city.

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