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5 Signs You Need To See An Orthopedic Specialist

You’re in your 20s or 30s. You’re fit. You feel super fine.

Yes, you tripped last night while you were walking and texting, but that pain can be shrugged off.

Yes, your back hurts because you haven’t been physically active in a while. But that pain will disappear; your youth will consume it away.

That’s exactly the basic narrative among the younger population when it comes to taking their bone and joint-related issues seriously and seeing a good orthopedic doctor.

Do you, too, have the same laidback, ill-informed attitude?

Here are 5 signs that you should see an orthopedic specialist in Sreebhumi Kolkata right away before the problem gets any bigger and serious (and costly):

1.You’re Experiencing Unrelenting Back Pain

This has become a very big problem in the younger population who have 10-7 desk jobs.

Add to that the sedentary lifestyle that they live, back pain is almost inevitable.

If your back has been paining for quite some time now, and there’s no relief even with OTC medications, this is something you should get serious about.

Of course, the problem may be far from requiring, say, arthroscopy surgery. However, if such pains are left unheeded, they might become chronic and cause serious lifestyle issues.

2.You Have Recently Been Involved In A “Minor” Accident

Many people shrug off minor accidents, hoping the pain would just vanish. The most they do is try the basic home remedies like apply warm compression.

But, at times, such “minor” accidents can span into something severe if not treated and cared on time.

So, if you’ve been in an accident recently and you’re experiencing joint pain, even mildly, you definitely should see a professional.

3.You Feel Weaker And Frailer

Indeed, there could be plenty of reasons behind this, most of which are outside orthopedic boundaries. But, in recent times, more of such problems are emerging due to mineral deficiency and disrupted blood supply to the bones.

So, if you’re feeling weaker and frailer, along with other symptoms like shortness of breath, cramps, fatigue, and loss of joint functions – and there are no other evident reasons as to “why” – you might want to visit an orthopedic specialist for a consultation.

4.There’s Swelling And Redness In Your Joints

If these aren’t the clearest tell-tale that you should see an orthopedic doctor, we don’t know what is.

For whatever reason, if there’s swelling in your joints, along with redness, tenderness, and warmth, it is definitely something serious. And you should visit a bone and joint-related professional immediately.

5.You Get Fractures Very Easily

If you are into sports or have met with an accident, getting fractured is only common.

However, if you get fractures every so often, the underlying problem could be much serious.

Of course, it’s a clear sign that your bones are weak. But to treat that, one needs to know why they are weak; the reasons could be plenty, some of which could be as serious as bone cancer.

So, if you’re getting fractured more regularly than you should, you should definitely get it checked.


These are five signs that you should visit an orthopedic specialist in Sreebhumi Kolkata right away.

Bone and joint-related issues, aside form very few, aren’t always related to age. They can pop no matter how old you are.

Paying timely attention and taking proper measures can save you from serious conditions and costly treatments.